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You can receive a FREE eye examination with us if you fall in one of these following catagories

  • Aged 16 and under or aged under 19 and in full time eductaion
  • Aged 60 and over
  • registered blind or partially sighted
  • Diagnosed with Diabetes or Glaucoma
  • Aged 40 and over with a close relative that has Glaucoma
  • Been diagnosed as at risk of Glaucoma
  • If you are eligible for an NHS Complex Lens Voucher
  • In receipt of qualifying benefits (see staff for details)

The Eye Examination

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We rely on our eyes and good vision for almost every aspect of our daily lives. It's one of the most important our our senses and without it, some things like driving, are impossible.

Even so, a significant proportion of the population do not have their eyes emanined at regular intervals, while many admit that they have never had an eye examination. Why? Part of the reason is that there aren't always any warning signs when something is wrong with your eyes. Many conditions have no symptoms.

Regular examinations are important, since the sooner a problem is detected, the sooner it can be treated - this is particularly true with young children and the elderly. Most peoples' eyesight tends to be pretty stable in their 20s and 30s. After that, the changes can be so gradual, people don't often notice until they need longer arms, or reading glasses!

A major part of the eye examination is to look for injury or disease' of the eyes or the rest of the body. It is a vital health check and may well reveal other underlying conditions such as Diabetes or High Blood Pressure.

The person who tests your eyes will be an optometrist (formerly known as an optician) It is sensible to have your eyes examined every two years particularly if you are a driver, though it may be more frequent depending on your age and medical history

Discussing your needs

It is important for your us to know why you are having your eyes examined. It may just be a routine check-up or you may have a specific reason, such as VDU screening. If you are having problems with your eyes or vision,

we will need to know what symptons you have had, how long you have had them and whether any changes have happened suddenly, or developed over a period of time.

Your medical history

You must also tell us if you are taking any medication such as tablets or inhalers. We should also be made aware of any other clinical information, such as if you suffer from headaches, currently weasr spectacles or contact lenses, or have had any close relatives with eye problems

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Examining the eye

Your eyes will be examined both internally and externally. This provides an assessment of the general health of your eyes and may identify other underlying medical problems. The inside of your eye is examined using an ophthalmoscope, which is an instrument that shines a light through the pupil allowing a detailed examination of the internal structures. It is also normal to measure the intra-ocular pressures (IOP) of people aged over 40. This is one of the tests for Glaucoma.

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Eye movements & 


It is important that these are checked to make sure that both eyes are working together effectively and not put under any undue strain. This is particularly important for those who use VDUs


It is really helpful to tell us if you have any hobbies or play sports etc. You may require a longer working distance incorporated into your reading prescription for example if you read music. You may find that special glasses make things much easier and more enjoyable.

Your Presciption

At the end of the eye examination you will be advised when you should return for your next check up and be handed a copy of your spectacle prescription, or a statement confirming that nothing is required. If your we feels there is something wrong with your eyes or your health, we will refer you for a medical or specialist opinion.

If you do need spectacles, we will gladly assist you in choosing ones which are suitable for your lifestyle. You may also opt to take your prescription elsewhere, if you wish